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The Real Story

You’ve probably noticed that throughout the site that the pronoun ‘we’ is thrown around a lot. Well in all reality, Full Sail Marketing is a 1.75-man show. My name is Logan Shinholser. I’m the owner and I make up the 1 in the 1.75-man operation.

*Update: We are now a 4-man operation!

My Marketing Beginnings

I would say my marketing career started back when I was in school at Virginia Tech, studying Chemical Engineering. Between the rigorous course-load that was involved with that major and having what seemed like a full-time job as captain of the Varsity Swimming and Diving Team, I like to think I learned the true art of ‘getting shit done.’ It’s not an easy skill to learn but once I got the hang of it, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can be in in life! This was my “Aha moment.”

In the summertime between school (both High School and College) I would work in my father’s pond/water feature company, Premier Ponds. I not only learned the technical side of how contractors work, but I also learned the business side of things. How to work with employees, selling to clients, and the true meaning of ROI, to name a few.

The Start Of A Marketing Career

Having an engineering degree that I had no intention on using and working in the field the summer upon graduation, my father asked me if I wanted to take over the marketing arm of his company since our third-party local marketing agency had brought few results to us. As a natural go-getter, I took on the challenge. Working with one of my father’s business partners, Tom Reber of The Contractor Fight, to learn the basics of marketing, I slowly got a hang of getting this 5-man company in front of the right potential-clients. I did a brief stint in the Navy and after failing to make it through one of their training programs, I learned the meaning of humility and decided it was time to move on from that dream.

After working in Tech Sales post Navy and continuing to do marketing nights and weekends as a side-hustle, I quit the sales job and made this my full-time hustle. And that’s how Full Sail Marketing was born. Currently, all the higher level marketing “stuff” that is done here at Full Sail is self taught and we all take the GSD (get shit done) approach. So truth be told, we may not have every answer for you but we understand what it’s like to have to live and die by the success of your business. So just know that when you call, you’ll get all of me and I’ll be treating your contracting company like I treated my father’s company with one thing in mind; get your phone to ring.

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