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Custom Built Contractor Website_ Iowa Waterscapes

Custom Built Contractor Website: Iowa Waterscapes

300 Words Summary or Less

Iowa Waterscapes, a pond and water feature company based in Des Moines, IA wanted to talk about growing their business. This started with marketing and the first step of the marketing process for them was to build a new website.

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They had a few problems that needed to be overcome:

  1. Their best revenue generating services were hidden
  2. They needed their site updated so that search engines would still favor it
  3. They had communication issues with their previous web company and wanted a change

How we worked together to fix this:

  1. Their top services were showcased front and center on their site
  2. New copy and updated images were put on the new pages built
  3. Check-ins were very common and we even got fancy in our communication

In summary, their site took a total of 6 weeks from start to finish and is what a website should showcase for a contracting company in 2018.

Why Redo The Website?

If you want to check out the website, head over to so you’re able to see what we’re talking about!

Iowa Waterscapes New Website

Chris and Will came to Full Sail wanting to talk about marketing as a whole. What else is out there that they can be doing? What can they do better? You know, the standard stuff.

When it all came down to it, the website was the first step in the marketing process.

Some Problems With The Site

The Homepage

At a first glance, the website wasn’t that bad. With some sites these days, you can land on the page and just immediately know that they were built before 2008. This wasn’t one of those. The homepage (the first page you get to on the site) had some nice pictures on it and it talked about their company and some services they provide.

So what’s wrong with this?

Most companies, and not just contractors, know what their main revenue generators are. If 80% of a company’s revenue (notice I didn’t say leads) comes from 3 revenue sources, shouldn’t there be an easy way for potential customers to learn more about these services?

Their 3 main services that generate the most revenue are:

  • New Pond Construction
  • Pond Renovation/Reconstruction
  • Pond Cleaning And Maintenance

These were not easily accessible on the homepage which can lead to frustration with potential clients.

Their Old Web Company

When someone wants to redo their website, I always ask the same question; who created your current site? I want to know for two reasons:

  • If the client did it themselves, what are they hoping a professionally designed website will do for them?
  • If another website design company did it, was there a negative experience so we know to not make the same mistake?

In this case, it was the latter. The previous web company was not communicative during the build nor afterwards.

Sound familiar? Contact Us.

Search Engine Results

As you may know, search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo) and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) love to change what they deem “quality” content to show the public. This was one of those situations in which the site needed to be updated so the search engines would showcase it in their search results.

Updating The Homepage

Now that the 3 main revenue generators were determined, it was time to help guide potential clients to learn more about the services. While it can very easily be done with adding some links, putting nice large buttons that broadcast the service makes it hard to miss. When potential customers click on any of these buttons, it will take them to the appropriate page that talks more about that service and how the customer can benefit from it. Guide the customer to buy, don’t sell to them.


Enhancing Their Presence In Search Engines

This can get really technical, and to keep this light, we’re not going to go too in-depth. New pages were built with all new copy (the words on the pages) and images that helps the potential customer have a good experience in learning more about Iowa Waterscapes and what was being discussed on those specific pages. These pages are also optimized so search engines understand what they’re about and will show them higher in the results.

Communication On All Fronts

After hearing about the frustration and lack of communication from the previous website company, it wouldn’t make sense for us at Full Sail to also go dark throughout the project. We checked in with each other as far as progress goes at least every 1.5 weeks just so everybody was on the same page.

Chris even downloaded Snapchat to show aspects of the site that he wanted to discuss with me. Truth be told, it’s not easy to watch a video about what someone wants to change and then have it disappear forever. But we made it work.

The Final Website Product

The website was up and running 6 weeks from initial phone call to launch date. One of the best parts is all of the photos of projects that they have taken over the past few years got to go on the website. So no longer were 3 year old photos the most up to date photos!

Iowa waterscapes streams

Hiccups Along The Way

Everybody loves watching bloopers at the end of a movie because it brings a sense of human to it. We’re all about transparency here, so here are the 2 hiccups/challenges that we had to overcome:

  1. The FAQ Page
    • This page Iowa Waterscapes had to write themselves. The common questions they get asked are unique to them, as are their answers. So they just had to jot down their questions and answers so Full Sail could get it on the site.
  2. Their Email Addresses
    • When the site was completed and the hosting provider changed (it’s technical, don’t worry about this), their email stopped working. We had never dealt with this so it took about a day to get it working again. Good learning experience for us over here because we’ve already had to help another client with the email thing.

Want To Learn More About Websites For Your Company?

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Long story short, your website should be a customer-first site, not about you or what you think looks good.

Essentially, you need to figure out these 3 things when designing your website:

  1. Your audience – What are their demographics?  Age Group?  Characteristics?
  2. Your products or services that generate the most revenue – think about what will your clients want the most?
  3. Your process – what would you like your customers to do while on your website?  If it’s a service, then do you want them to learn about the service?  Click on before and after pictures?  Be able to submit their contact information?

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