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Facebook Advertising For Contractors & Construction

Why Use Facebook Advertising For Your Contracting Company?

Why do you want to do advertising in the first place?

  • Create company awareness

  • Generate leads

  • Make sales and money

Successful advertising = getting your brand in front of your audience. With over 2 billion active-users, your ideal customers are on Facebook. Over 90% of marketers recommend advertising on Facebook; they can’t all be wrong, can they?

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Why Not Only Use Billboards/Signs/Magazine Advertising?

“Traditional” advertising (anything offline) has its benefits, but it’s 2018 and using the internet is the #1 way to grow your business.

What benefits do Facebook and online advertising have over traditional advertising:

  • Personalized ads for every step of your customer’s journey.

  • Acquire customers at the lowest cost possible.

  • Instantly update video and image ads to show your brand’s unique values.

Low Cost

FB offers some of the cheapest ads possible

Personalized For Viewers

Ads for every step in your customers journey

Tracking Included

Easily test and track to ensure success

What Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

When running Facebook advertising for your contracting company, you’ll incur 2 costs; “setup/management fees,” and “ad spend.”

Setup/management fee – the cost of having a company strategize, create, implement, track, and revise your FB ads.

Ad spend – the money that the actual advertisements cost, that get’s paid directly to Facebook.

Depending on what type of advertising campaign you’re running, Facebook advertising management costs between $1,000 to $2,500 per month, with an additional ad spend of $500 – $2,500 per month.

What to use Facebook advertising for:

  • Seasonal Maintenance Campaigns

  • New Project Construction

  • Renovation Projects

  • Event Promotions

Facebook use time is increasing

How Does The Facebook Advertising Process Work?

Every dollar spent on marketing should have a direct return-on-investment. Thus, we take the set-up and management of ads very seriously.


What Is The Goal Of Your Advertising?

There are multiple reasons why a company might advertise. Do you want to spread brand awareness? Are you working to grow an email list? Does your company need more high-quality leads? Let’s discuss to determine your goals.


Determine What Services Need Promotion.

Depending on your specific goals, you’re going to want to promote products or services differently. Do you have upcoming events? Is it time for seasonal maintenance? We want to work with you to specifically determine what needs promotion.


Gather Content Needed To Run Advertising

If we’re a good fit, then we’re going to need videos and pictures to use in your advertising. We’re here to help guide you in taking pictures and videos in order to show-off your companies specialties. (Or we can talk about purchasing stock content online)

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