Spending Your Time Wisely

Let’s face it, marketing your own contracting company can be a bitch. A lot of contractors have been there where they’re in the field all day and by the time they get home at night, the last thing they want to do is figure out how to drive more leads.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” You’ve also probably felt what its like when “potential” customers don’t take this to heart when they call you out to their house so you can bid a job they were never going to hire you for anyway.

Well, if you had a perfect situation where your phone would ring with qualified customers wanting to talk to you on a consistent basis, what would you do with that extra time?

The Three Common Issues With Hiring An Outside Marketing Agency

What does it take for you to get a client to invite you to their home and hire your company to do work for them? One word: Trust.

Common Issue One: It Costs A Lot Of Money

Money Down The Drain

This can be summarized with one saying, “you get what you pay for.” According to the Small Business Administration, if you’re making under $5 million in revenue annually, you should be spending 7%-8% of that revenue on marketing.

Marketing is like the services you provide in your company. For just about every problem your clients face, you have a high end “all in” fix and a lower end “good enough” fix.

Contractor’s Business

  • Client has a broken fence
    • High End: Install an entirely new fence
    • Low End: Repair that particular section of the fence
  • Client wants to add a focal point to their yard
    • High End: Renovate their entire backyard
    • Low End: Plant a couple trees to spruce the yard up

Marketer’s Business

  • Contractor’s flow of leads are inconsistent
    • High End: Create a ton of content so search engines pick it up
    • Low End: Produce a small amount of content so search engines pick it up slowly
  • Contractor has an issue with unqualified leads from website
    • High End: Redesign the website so leads are more educated about working with the contractor
    • Low End: Tweak some things about the website to test how it helps with lead qualification

So marketing has it’s own brackets as far as pricing goes. It’s up to you to step on the gas as much as you’d like.

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Common Issue Two: Brand Protection

Most contractors have built their company from the ground up. Nobody cares about their company and their image as much as they do. And they damn sure are not going to let some marketing company waltz in and jeopardize everything they’ve built with some cookie cutter marketing plan. Who can blame them?

What if you could create blogs by spending a couple minutes on the phone just talking about various topics? So it’s your own voice, words, and culture but optimized for search engines so it gets found?

Contracting companies with the best marketing are the ones that take time to make it their own.

Common Issue Three: How Do You Know If It Even Works?

Tracking. Analyzing. Optimizing.

Tracking Analytics

If you know how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn everyday, you should just about know how much weight you’re going to gain or lose. Same with tracking every dollar in your business.

Knowing where leads come from and how qualified they are is everything. This is done with tracking and understanding the analytics that go hand in hand with the tracking. Why spend money on a lead source that either underproduces or sends so many unqualified leads that you can’t hang up the phone quick enough?

To Save Money & Protect Your Brand, Or Not

A lot of contractors are problem solvers, so why not solve their company’s marketing problem? They absolutely can! And the best part is with the internet, they can go online and learn it for free.

They can also go on WebMD to diagnose their symptoms and skip the doctor totally. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

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