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Developing Qualified Customers Through Paid Outreach

Customer Outreach is just another name for advertising in the proper channels. Now that you have this great new website and all of this content that you’ve created, what do you do with it next? The last thing you want is for it to fall on deaf ears.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paying for advertising has been done for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations capitalizing on this. For contracting industries, the bulk of paid advertising deals with the Facebook/Google platforms as well as direct mail.

Why Is Paid Advertising Important?

Paying for your advertising efforts helps with creating a smarter, more controlled marketing approach. You know the saying that “you get what you pay for,” and advertising is the same. There is no way around not paying for direct mail, unless you’re planning on driving around and putting flyers in mailboxes. Which if you are, you need to take a step back and determine what the value of your time is. Also, the mail service will remove all of your flyers and write you a letter telling you to stop.

In the world of online advertising these options are important to stay in front of your clients. If you think about how long your clients are looking into hiring someone for your services, it’s not a one-time search and they hire someone. With the ever increasing ability to use resources to educate themselves, customers want to do their due diligence and make sure they’re hiring the right crew for them.

Facebook Advertising

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is not just a fad that is on it’s way out. Everyday, the average Facebook user (of which there are over 2 billion) spends FIFTY minutes browsing the site. How many of your clients do you think are on Facebook?

Now that you understand how large this platform really is, how can contractors leverage it to earn them sales? Well, this is where it can get a bit tricky at first. Think about the last time you went onto Facebook. Was it to search for someone to come out and mow your lawn or for a company to send you a new patio proposal? Or was it to look at dog videos and what your ex from high school was up to these days? Most likely the latter. But if people aren’t going onto the site to find contractor services, why would you pay to advertise?

Google Advertising

The most powerful search tool in the world. Become top of mind and top of page for clients.

Get Your Google On

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Your clients are using Facebook every day. Make sure you’re getting in front of them!

Learn More

Direct Mail Advertising

This old school method is still effective if used properly. Learn more about how to do that!

Find Out How

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Your clients most likely use email intimately in their work life. Are you effectively reaching out to them or are you just getting sent directly to their spam folder?

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

There are two real reasons that email marketing are still effective and beneficial:

  1. You can get in contact with clients with a good amount of content in one hit
  2. You’re able to automate it

How Do You Pack Content Into An Email?

There are several types of emails out there, but the most common is the monthly newsletter. The way to stand out with your monthly newsletter is to provide worthwhile information while changing up your email from month to month.

If you’re only trying to sell yourself through email and not help your audience, they’ll smell that and discredit any trust building you’re trying to do. Adding in articles not only about yourself but also by providing relevant external content, they’ll look to you not only as credible in your space but also a normal human being.

What Does Automating Email Mean?

Automating something means to set it up and make it run automatically. This is one of the greatest ways to run email marketing because it allows you to establish an email system and then let it run on autopilot. So what this means is that you can create a handful of emails that will strategically be sent to their intended audience to help your company’s message. So whether it’s after a customer submits a lead form or they sign up to receive your emails, they will get your emails without you having to manually send them every time.

How Important Is The Outreach Step?

The majority of your time and energy should be spent on customer outreach. If we had to put a number on it, 30% of your efforts should be spent on content creation and the other 70% is dedicated to making sure the correct audience sees it!

Imagine spending the time to create the content only for 70 people on Facebook to even see it. That just seems like a waste, doesn’t it?

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