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Direct Mail In The Digital Age

Although sending out mailers to potential and current clients seems like a thing of the past, it can help to supplement your online marketing efforts. Since everything we do at Full Sail Marketing is metrics driven, finding out the effectiveness of a direct mail piece should go beyond only knowing if someone bought or not!

Direct Mailers

Direct Mail Marketing

Ever since the internet started to become popular in the late ’90s, advertising using direct mailing methods saw the beginning of the end. Your customer base most likely still finds this to be effective, so make sure you’re doing it properly!

Why Is Direct Mail Important?

Here at Full Sail Marketing, we don’t really focus too heavily on direct mail pieces due to a few reasons:

  1. The trackability of effectiveness is limited at best
  2. The cost per lead is generally significantly higher than a digital campaign

Does this mean that we don’t do them? Heck no, we do. Most of our client’s customer bases are of the ages 40 and up so it’s still an effective means to get in front of our target audience. We just don’t focus on them as heavily as we do with online digital marketing.

How Do You Create An Effective Direct Mail Campaign?

So there are a couple of different options that can be done depending on what industry you’re in. Either way, you’re going to want to track how well these campaigns are performing. Here is one of the more common ones that we’ve found to work, and it involves the popular website Zillow.com.

By going to Zillow, you’re able to set up home address notifications to be sent to you based on criteria you choose (for example if you’re in the pond and water feature construction world, you can set it up so that Zillow will email you every time a house is sold that has a pond at it in a specified area). Once we have enough addresses sent to us, we’ll send out a piece of mail that introduces ourselves to the new homeowners.

On the card, we encourage them to go to a website link specific to the direct mail piece so we know how effective that campaign was! I told you, tracking is everything over here.

How Do I Know If Direct Mail Is Appropriate For My Business?

To some extent, a direct mail campaign is appropriate for everyone. Certain contracting industries more than others obviously.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure every marketing tactic you’re doing is able to be tracked and determined if the ROI is worthwhile.

Want to get all set up with a direct mail piece in an efficient manner? We can help!

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