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Advertising On Facebook The Right Way

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is not just a fad that is on it’s way out. Everyday, the average Facebook user (of which there are over 2 billion) spends FIFTY minutes browsing the site. How many of your clients do you think are on Facebook?

Organic Facebook Advertising

Organic Facebook Advertising

The organic section of Facebook is in essence the free section. This is where you can post normally, either as a business or on your own personal page. Keeping this updated is essential to your company footprint.

Why Is The Organic Section Of Facebook Important?

When you think of your company, what makes you unique? How do you separate yourself from your competition? You’re probably thinking “I have the best service in town” but how do customers know that?

A lot of times potential clients either think that your competition’s product is good enough for them or your competition does a good job at showcasing their best work online. When the product appears to be the same, the next thing you have to rely on is either customer experience or price. So if you don’t want to undercut your competition and lose out on money, then this is where Facebook comes in.

How Do You Leverage Facebook Organically For Sales?

Every single company has it’s own culture. Social media platforms are your prime channel to showcase your culture. If you know that when you show up to the homeowner’s place of residence and you’re going to provide the best experience for them, then you need to show examples of that on your Facebook. People buy from people based on trust, and regular posting about your company and the experience you provide is your way to gain that trust.

Paid Facebook Advertising

Paid Facebook Advertising

One of the greatest things about Facebook’s paid advertising platform is how non-intrusive it appears to be. Unlike with email, Facebook strives to make advertisements as natural looking and relevant as possible to the audience.

Why Is Facebook Advertising Important?

Like we mentioned before, nobody goes on this social media platform to find a contracting company to perform a service for them. So don’t expect to run a few low-budget advertisements from Facebook and get a significant number of qualified leads to come in off the bat.

Facebook advertising helps to plant seeds in potential clients heads for what you’re able to offer them. It makes more sense to think of this platform as closer to a billboard that you’re only charged for when someone sees it plus they’re able to send it to all of their friends.

How Do You Use Facebook Advertising?

Just like with marketing as a whole, there are a variety of different approaches you can take with advertising on Facebook. Here are some examples of campaigns you can run:

  1. Showcase a service that would be beneficial to first time homebuyers to someone that is between the age of 28-34 in your area
  2. Advertise to your current email list other services you perform to make it easier to upsell to them the next time you visit them
  3. Run an advertisement to new potential customers to encourage them to sign up for your email list

All of these campaigns allow you to showcase a certain message to a specific group of in a very controlled manner.

Should I Run Facebook Advertisements?

Running organic Facebook advertisements is always a must. Like we talked about above, this is your free vehicle to showcase who you are as a company! One thing that we always find out about contractors is that there is a crazy awesome story behind who they are and why they started their company. Make sure you don’t forget to tell your story because again, people hire people they trust.

Paid Facebook advertisements need to be strategic. A lot of contractors think that the reason their lead stream is slow or dormant is because their Facebook advertising is non-existent or ineffective. When it comes to spending money on Facebook, the other steps of ensuring a proper website is set up as well as there is ample content to be able to run the ads with.

Ready to get started with your social media marketing efforts on Facebook? We can help! Just let us know.

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