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Paid Advertising On Google

Using Google’s advertising platform, called AdWords, is an extremely effective method to get in front of potential customers that are near the buying stage of the buyer’s journey. When done correctly, you can increase qualified leads in a short amount of time.

Google Search Advertising

Google Search Advertising

Want to get in front of potential customers that are damn near ready to buy? Good. Use this method to do just that!

Why Is Google’s Search Advertising Important?

When you search for something in Google, generally the first few search results that appear at the top and bottom of the page are the paid advertisements. What these are are a way for small business contracting companies to tell Google “hey – when someone searches for these terms, I want my ad to show up and direct them to my website!” This will increase your visibility to potential clients by getting in front of them at the right time!

What Does An Effective Search Advertising Campaign Entail?

Setting up a paid search campaign requires a lot of due diligence. For as effective as this can be, a lot of research and development needs to be put in for it to work and work within your budget.

There are 3 main steps that are involved with Search Advertising:

  1. Proper Keyword Setup – Are your ads showing when a potential client searches for the services you provide?
  2. Effective Advertisements – Your ad showed up, but are your buyers clicking on your ad to get to the next step?
  3. Proper Functionality – Once they click the ad and get to your website, what are they doing? If they leave the website immediately because it’s not what they were wanting to look at, you just wasted your money!

An effective search campaign is only as effective as the person who set it up so make sure to do all your research before sending money Google’s way. Otherwise you’ll be throwing money at the wall and hoping it sticks!

Google Remarketing Advertising

Google Remarketing Advertising

Remarketing is a way to reconnect with potential clients that have taken some action with you already, but haven’t yet made a decision. In other words, if a potential client goes to your website but does not submit a lead form, you’re able to reposition yourself in front of them again at a later time.

Why Is Google Remarketing Advertising Important?

Think about when you go to a popular shopping website such as Amazon.com. If you search for something and then decide that you don’t really want to purchase it at that time, have you ever noticed that miraculously that same product has been shown to you again with the ability to buy it a few days later? Well, that’s no miracle folks. That’s the power of remarketing.

When it comes to remarketing in your contracting company, the same idea is true. Of all the people the visit your website, how many do you think actually submit a lead the very first time? Probably very few since most customers do enough research about various companies that they can probably recite your website better than you can! The importance of remarketing to these clients is to consistently remind them that while they’re searching for the service you provide, that you’re able to do them. The more top of mind you can remind with potential clients, the better chance of them calling you that you’ll be!

Should I Move Forward With Google’s Paid Advertising?

The answer is most likely going to be yes. Google’s AdWords platform is designed to allow you to see results and see them fast if the campaigns are designed effectively. A key in this process is making sure that whatever service you provide for them has a good webpage for these ads to send people to. If the webpages themselves are not effective, customers will leave your website unhappy and you’ve just lost money.

Ready to set up AdWords and kickstart your marketing campaigns? Let us know. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go!

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